WE HAVE A PLAN! It’s always good to have a plan. As always, with us this plan is subject to change and subject to the weather. Remember, we’re retired, not on a set schedule, and don’t have to travel in bad weather.  As cruisers say, “written in sand at low tide”.  We don’t have dates, nor do we know how long we’ll be at a stop. We figure that out as we go. It’s how we roll.

All that said, , here is our float plan, in order, and most of these are planned anchorages with a few marinas thrown in:

  • Petersburg down Wrangell Narrows (we bypassed Wrangell Narrows on the way here and took Rocky Pass instead)
  • Sokolof Island Cove, Sokolof Island
  • Madan Bay, Eastern Passage
  • Anan Bay, Bradfield Canal
  • Santa Aan Inlet, Seward Passage
  • Meyers Chuck, Meyers Island on Clarence Strait (mmmm, cinnamon rolls)
  • Behm Canal
    • Naha Bay, Revillagigedo Island
    • Klu Bay (Shrimp Bay), Revillagigedo Island
    • Fitzgibbon Cove
    • Walker Cove
    • Punchbowl Cove
  • Carp Island
  • Ketchikan (Marina)
  • Thorne Bay, (Marina) Prince of Whales Island
  • Thoms Place, Wrangell Island
  • Wrangell, (Marina) Wrangell Island
  • Undecided anchorage before Wrangell Narrows back to Petersburg
  • Petersburg for The Little Norway Festival (May 18-21)

From Petersburg we head to the west coast of  Prince of Wales Island…

  • Port Protection, Wooden Wheel Cove
  • Hole in the Wall (LOVED!)
  • El Capitan Cave
  • Sarkar Cove
  • Klawock Harbor (Marina, small town)
  • Craig, (Marina, small town)
  • Hydaburg, (Marina, small town)
  • Mabel Bay

Our original plan was from Mabel Bay to go to Nina Cove then Masset Harbour on Graham Island, Queen Charlotte Islands in BC, Canada. After emailing the visitor center we have found out that we can’t check into Canada on Queen Charlotte. Instead we’ll head to Prince Rupurt in Canada to check in.

  • Nichols Bay
  • Judd Harbor


  • Prince Rupert
  • Kelp Passage Cove
  • Greenville Channel
    • Klewnuggit Inlet to East Inlet
    • Watts Narrows to Baker Inlet (LOVED!)
    • Lowe Inlet to Nettle Basin, Verney Falls
  • Douglas Channel
    • Hartley Bay
  • Devastation Channel
    • Weewanie Hot Springs
  • Douglas Channel
    • Kitimat Harbour, Kitimat Arm
  • Devastation Channel
    • Kitsaway Anchorage
  • Gardner Canal
    • Owyacumish Bay
    • Europa Hot Springs
  • Ursula Channel
    • Bishop Bay Hot Springs
  • Princess Royal Island, Fraser Reach
    • Butedale
    • Khutze Inlet
  • Fiordland
    • Kynoch Inlet or Culpepper Lagoon
  • Reid Passage
    • Oliver Cove
  • Shearwater

There you go….updated. Break out your maps!